Different websites respond differently to the devices we use to navigate on them. The Visual Composer addons used to improve the initial layout.

LambertGroup offers to WordPress clients the Vera Universal Bundle of Visual Composer Addons which is very helpful when they want to modify some parts of the sites they have.

LambertGroup comes on the market with the necessary addons and plugins meant for compelx but responsive websites.

A responsive webdesign is very important nowadays because users have different devices and different types of sites react in a different manner when they are loaded on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Smartphones and tablets are adopted by many internet users because they offer flexibility and can be taken anywhere they go. In the past, sites were designed in order to respond only to computers and their job was easier. The situation is different now, as the internet sites have to meet many demands when they are created.

It is crucial for a site to have an efficient SEO and a mobile-friendly interface. The internet users will avoid sites that do not respond well to smartphones and tablets bacause the content of such sites can not be viewed normally. Responsive design is a new trend which provides an optimal experience to users, helps them read everything they want on a site and allows the display of images in a normal resolution.

A website’s navigation elements have to be adjusted when the site is accessed from a tablet or a smartphone. This is a very important prinsiple of responsive web design. It offers a great flexibilty, fluidity of navigation  and excellent appearance.

The user can discover all the pages of your site without having to wait or enlarge certain sections of text ang images. For those who have sites, responsive web design is also cost-effective and brings many advantages. A site is good if it responds well both to desktop computers and to gadgets such as tablets and smartphones.

The major search engines react very well to responsive web sites and rank them accordingly in the list of search results. This situation is possible because responsive desgin sites do not have an identical HTML but they have one URL. It offers an enhanced user experience and the posibilty to share the content on a site on social platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Such sites are easier to manage and they do not require two separate SEO campaigns. It is easier to manage one site that responds well to different devices than to put your efforts in managing two sites and their SEO.

There are unquestionable SEO benefits of responsive web design. Google demands have to be met by the experts who work in this respect and optimize sites for a better rank in the search results. Having your own website when you run a business is a common demand nowadays and you should optimize it in order to present your site to those who are interested in what you sell.

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