The tie has always been an important part of the masculine outfit. Of course it must be matched with the rest of the outfit. The most difficult step in choosing a male wardrobe is to match the ties to your shirt. A tie that that is well chosen can be the key to success for your outfit.

If you are not accustomed to wearing a tie, we can come to your aid with a small guide, from which you can learn how to match the tie to your shirt. Matching the tie is done according to color.

You can choose the shirt and tie from the same color palette, but with different tones. In the case of a simple shirt, a simple tie in a contrasting color can create a strong impact. A white shirt is good with any kind of tie. In terms of model ties, the basic color should match that of the shirt.

Matching a tie by color and pattern:

– Model shirts can be rewarded with simple, monochrome ties in one of the least visible colors of the shirt, or tie them with ties, strips or different designs, but with totally opaque shades.

– Correct blending becomes an instinct for most men wearing regular costume and tie. Shirts in squares best fit with simple ties in one shade. No tie does spoil the look, and a striped tie in the same colors as the shirt will give life to the whole suit. You can also choose a striped tie, but colored in shades of shirt, or one with drops. A striped shirt comes very well with a model tie, in the same tone as one of the colors of the shirt.

The ties are worn over the shirt and do not need regular cleaning, so it does not deteriorate as quickly as other clothing accessories. For any event, it is good to remember some simple tips for proper tightening of the tie. Always keep the tie on the special hanger. For steam removal use steam, and not iron directly on the tie. If you put on a tie, use the talcum powder to clean it. When washing, follow the cleaning instructions.

As for style, it would be best not to wear very tricky ties that can destroy even the most fashionable outfit. Do not wear the shirt and the tie of the same color, and when choosing the colors, choose only one of the hard-wearing apparel pieces.

The tie should not be longer than the belt buckle, but not shorter, and the knot should be appropriate in size, a large knot is unsightly. If after a long day of work you want to relax and broaden the neck of the tie. We can recommend to use ties in correct way, such your style will be one of the best from a group, and ties will be the pieces that will give a plus to your clothing for all occasions.