It’s not easy to create the perfect stag do!

That we know, dear best man. You are in charge with the impossible: create the perfect bachelor party.

But fear not, because this article here is ready to give you exactly what you’re searching for: great thrills in one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe: Bucharest, Romania.

Maybe you’ve heard of the place, but if not, then you’ll find out about all the awesome things you will experience during your Bucharest stag do.

Why choose a stag weekend in Bucharest?

We talked about real wild adventures in the heart of Romania’s capital, right?

Well, right you are, because this city is absolutely wild, by all standards. You should definitely sample the nightlife in Bucharest, because it’s simply the adventure of a lifetime.

But let’s get back on track, because bars, booze and women won’t be so much of a dilemma during your Bucharest stag do.

The real dilemma is what to choose between the many wild activities this city has to offer.

You’re the best man, so you have to figure out the proper equilibrium between what you and your mates can and cannot do. Remember that these wild activities are not for faint-hearted individuals, but for those who are willing to go to extremes and feel the adrenaline pumping.

Top wild activities to try during a stag weekend in Bucharest

It’s time to dwell into the top wild activities that Bucharest has to offer. Before that, you should take not about the specifics of organizing this whole stag weekend in Romania’s capital.

If this is your first experience ever as a stag’s best man (and there is a big chance it’s true), then you cannot mess up the last night as a free man of your best friend. What you need to do is hire a company and task them to help you with organizing this stag weekend in Bucharest. There are dozens of such companies, but you’ll receive a recommendation at the end of this article.

Ok, enough blabber, let’s concentrate on the most adventurous activities you can possibly do in Bucharest:

1. Feel the thrill of a real ride at the Autocross, where you can manoeuvre a real race car at a professional track. Get your head in the game and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime
2. Shoot a real gun at a professional range. Don’t worry, everybody is safe, no need to panic. It’s just you, the cardboard target and the cold steel 9mm or AK-47. Ready. Aim. Fire!
3. Tandem Sky Diving. Does this need any more words? It’s you and the blue sky (ok, and an instructor), floating like a free man, before letting the parachute do its thing
4. Wakeboarding. If you’re a water sports junkie, then this is for you. Surfing is yesterday’s news, wakeboarding is now the real thrill. Check it out!
5. Paintball and laser tag. Tired of target practice? Then put your skills to the real test and go for an adrenaline-pumping match of paintball or laser tag. Gear on!

How does this sound?

Because that’s what awaits you, the groom and your friends if you’re about to book Eventhuse for planning the whole Bucharest stag do. Just check and see more details because time’s flying and you need to party!
Go wild!



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