The Bilingual International School of Paris is a unique centre for learning offering both preschool and elementary education in an approach that encompasses both French and English languages and education. Children are taught by both native-speaking French and English tutors using a system that exposes them to both languages.

This is achieved by half of each school day being taught in English by an English tutor and the other half in French by a French tutor. Neither the French nor English language dominates as both are used in equal measure allowing children to learn, play and experience both at the same level.

The BISP caters for children aged between two and a half and eleven years of age. The school is non-denominational and students therefore reflect the multi-cultural nature of the world. Creative and artistic activities are an essential part of the school’s curriculum encouraging exploration and creativity in a safe and nurturing environment that is enhanced by small class groups.

Both US English and French national standards are observed in helping students acquire a vocabulary that will enable them to make the most of both systems of education. The curriculum is augmented by the use of themes from the International Primary Curriculum.

Full use of Available Technology

The BISP makes full use of the available technology and multi-media methods available to enhance teaching and enrich students’ experience. The school tailors learning to meet every individual child’s needs and specific enhanced language courses are available on the school site to those who need an enhanced approach.

Music, drama and the arts are integrated into the curriculum as is physical education, and the school’s location in Paris offers unique opportunities to experience school trips that explore the city’s rich cultural offerings.

Making application to this international school is a simple matter of downloading and completing the application form and then submitting it to the School together with a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

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