The content of your website is what drive more visitors to you. You probably know that your website should always be unique and relevant. Key words and phrases should be used to optimize your website properly. Text should always be proofread for spelling an grammatical errors.

Much of your emphasis should be on the textual content, but you should not forget about the quality of your images. Images have an important role to play as well, but if they are used correctly, then can affect your website negatively. Read this article for useful advice on the proper use of images in your website.

Images come in various resolutions. If you plan to use an image of a particular size, you have to make sure that the resolution is appropriate for the size. An image should not be pixelated.

The resolution should be high enough for a smooth display, but yet, it should not be so high that it would slow down the page load time of your web page. There is nothing more frustrating to a web visitor than having to wait a long time for an image to load.

Images should never be used in the place of text. Remember that search engines cannot see images, and it is text that is indexed and used to determine a website’s rank. The right text is what influences search engine optimization. You should use an image to reinforce an idea that is clearly explained in the text, but you should not replace text with the image.

A good WordPress website, such as those customized and built with the help of Visual Composer addons, is always appreciated by everybody around the world for its functionality  and design.

The issue of copyright is big in the online world. It is so easy to use someone else’s digital content by copying and pasting. Never copy an image off the web and use it in your website if the image is not free domain. You can infringe on the image creator’s copyrights and get into legal trouble.

If you really want to use it, you will need to get permission from the image’s creator. Only then can you use someone else’s image.

People who are visually-impaired use screen readers to access information on websites. However, images cannot be seen. The only way for them to access an image’s information is if a good description is include in the image’s ALT attribute. Put in a good description in the ALT attribute, so the visitor gets the benefit of the image as well.

Stock images abound on the web, but that does not mean that you should use a lot of them. If everyone uses a lot of stock images, pretty soon, these websites will look very much like each other. Your website will lose its uniqueness.

Always check the link of your images. A broken link will result in your image not displaying at all.

Do not host your images on websites that offer free photo hosting. These hosting services may be unreliable. If they close down business, your images will be lost.

Images are a good enhancement if you use them properly. If you follow these guidelines in your use of images, you will avoid many common problems.

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