If each person would answer honestly, how many cases of infidelity would exist? It is a reality that you can not detachmented ignore , thinking “it will not happen to me”… Both men and women cheat on their partners. But what happens after infidelity? This invariably leads to separation or the relationship / marriage can be restored?

In general, if you have not gone through it, you think you couldn’t stay with an unfaithful partner. I think you immediately break the relationship, because it was clearly not working. But the reality looks different: studies tell us that more than half of women forgive an unfaithful partner, while only a quarter of men forgive a woman that cheat. In addition, both are more likely to overcome infidelity if they are married and have children.

Why this discrepancy of women and men between the ability to forgive? Because while the man is jealous and angry and feel too disappointed to forgive, a woman is often inclined to make itself responsible for the infidelity (“maybe if I was more loving / sexiest / more…”) . One more thing – the woman is the one passing over her feelings and thinks of others – especially for the good of the children. But the truth is that only children can not save a marriage! There must be deeper reasons to be able to forgive and to restore an ailing relationship.

When deserve a relationship to be restored after the infidelity of one of the partners?

Hard to say – and until you find yourself in that situation, you can not know what reaction you’d have and what decision you’d make. But there are some things to think about. The first is: what is best for everyone involved? To you, to your partner, for children? Sometimes it is even better to finish a marriage, including for children  than to continue with resentment, anger, hostility.

To forgive is good for you; even if you break the relationship is healthy to try to forgive. Think about the reasons of the other , to try to understand why he did what he did and try to forgive his mistake, no matter how big it is.

Your relationship worth to get over infidelity? This is a tough question. And contrary to what you might think, it is easier to forgive and restore the relationship if you realize that it was not perfect, that you had some problems. This is because the problems of the relationship somewhat may explain the infidelity . On the other hand, if you think you have a good and happy relationship, infidelity hurts more, it’s more shocking and much harder to forgive.

What you need to know is that, whatever was your relationship, infidelity is always a result of problems in the relationship, of a dissatisfaction. Therefore you two can analyze these problems and try to fix them. It uses the word restore and not to save the relationship. Why? Because your relationship, your marriage will not be the same. Ever. But it can be restored, rebuilt and treated. This if both want to work to restore it.

There are happy cases where after a infidelity, partners restore their marriage , which becomes solid after the heavy test that passed through. There are cases where it is impossible for partners to restore their connections. It all depends on their willingness and ability to forgive.

Some questions that can show you if there is a chance to restore a relationship / marriage: did he cheated before? Why did he cheated? It was an adventure or a hidden relationship, once or repeatedly? You can put in the place of the partner and you can understand why he did what he did? What was missing or something wrong in your relationship? He or she truly regrets? You can see the future going over all negative emotions (anger, humiliation, disappointment)? Worths It?

Some say they’d do anything for their marriage and relationship for the loved one. However, once deceived, betrayed, they don’t think are able to forgive and restore the relationship. It is about forgiveness, courage, willpower.

It is to find things at each other, but also to learn some things. To save what was working between you, and began to rebuild the relationship. It is something that takes, mostly, not abou the eistence of children, but of love. Love is so strong that survive an infidelity? The one who cheated still feels love despite his great mistake? Here are the most important questions…

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