One of the main perks of living small and choosing a tiny house is the space saving. While most tiny house plans include efficient housing principles and storage solutions, once you have bought or built your tiny house, it’s on you to make it more than that.

Transforming your tiny house into a tiny home means making it cozy, yet functional and easy to move at all times and tiny house furniture also plays a huge role in this.

When decorating a traditional house, you may choose all sorts of large furniture and huge rolled up carpets, but in a tiny house where space saving is key, carpet tiles are the new star of floor covering.

While carpet tiles may sound like a silly idea to talk about when decorating a modern tiny home with taste, you may find that this once-just-a-utilitarian-floor cover is a great choice for your small new home.

Carpet tiles are a super easy and fun way to cover your floors. They are usually square-shaped pieces of carpet usually having sticky backing, that can be locked together. You can have them installed by a professional, but you can quickly and easily install them on your own, too, especially if you are big on DIY. They come in boxes, much like bathroom tiles, for example, which makes them easy to transport and move from one place to another.

Here are a few advantages of choosing carpet tiles for your tiny home:

  1. Versatile

Carpet tiles come in many shapes and sizes, patterns and materials, which means that instead of having just one large, boring roll of carpet, you can mix and match the tiles to obtain a unique and creative end result.

  1. Sustainable

Many carpet tile manufacturers use recycled or sustainable, natural materials to make the tiles, which adds to your eco tiny house’s sustainability, as well as making it more practical, since most of these materials are pretty easy to clean, which saves you time and energy.

  1. Adjustable

There is no rule when it comes to shapes and sizes – you can make a square, a rectangle or any shape you want, you can cover the whole floor or just a portion of it in the middle. It’s completely on you to adjust your “carpet” to your working surface.

  1. Replaceable

Spilled some red wine? You don’t have to replace the whole carpet just because you have a stain that won’t come out. Simply replace that one damaged tile and nobody will ever know.

  1. Affordable

Carpet tiles are a great alternative to other flooring solutions, such as laminate or hardwood, since they are much cheaper. While most tiny houses already have some kind of flooring – for example, Eco Tiny House makes their houses with laminate flooring – you can still cover the floor with carpet tiles to match your taste and make it feel more like home.

Get creative with your carpet tiles and create a unique floor to match your unique tiny home.

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